1/14/2011 @ 9:46 PM
New window
I've got it! I've finally got it!! Yes, its my brand new Canon EOS 550D/ Rebel T2i. It's a pity my computer is not working at the moment. But still, its a little present I've bought for myself after all this months of hard work I've done.

1/02/2011 @ 9:57 PM
Chase that dream
So lately I've been pretty free. Got nothing on over the weekends. Got nothing on over the new year. Can you believe it??!! I actually DO NOT have awesome friends asking me out for celebration over the new year. To squeeze around with all the under ages, or to rub my arms against all the sweaty hairy stranger's arm. Then again, I wouldn't like that either. So for this particular year, i choose to stay away from the crowd, hide myself in my little room, and do some chillaxing on my own.

Oooh, and P.S, all my friends are awesome. You know you are!

So, after all the repeated online shopping on ASOS and Zipia , hoping to get more discounts and great deals from the year end clearance, and all the online anime I could get my hands on, I've basically find myself in a pretty lonely state. Everyone's having fun outside for the past few days. People have gone for countdown without me, people have gone for mahjong sessions without me too. Those that have their partners' got each other, and there's only me. With the internet.

And as usual, I was staring a twitters, and facebooks statuses, stalking on everyone I can get my eyes on, refreshing every other 5 min to see whether there are any updates. Browsing youtube videos like there's no tomorrow, listening to tons and tons of covers of songs. And there I was, on one of the videos from Wong Fu Productions.

So anyway, its not my first time watching their short films. I've known this group from Niga Higa , aka Ryan. (HE's GOT 3,000,000 subscribers ONLINE!!) So for Ryan, he's videos are kinda lame, but hilarious at the same time, and that's what getting him all the support from people.

So back to track, this Wong Fu production. I've basically spent my weekends watching all their videos, and I actually find it very inspiring. I was watching WongFu Weekends initially, and I find it pretty casual, yet entertaining. They just film down the stuffs that they did/ are doing on the weekends and stuffs. At first I thought it was just okay. They've got this video, on The Allergy , where this girl just change into a guy, cause of alot of random allergy. Its quite creative if you think about it.

And there I was, exploring their webpage, where i stumbled on one of their short films they have produced - Fun employed.

It is very well plotted out. So much better than what Chn 5/8/U have produced. And its all done by only 4 guys, and of course with a little help here and there. It made me feel related to the video. Made me feel connected to it.

We all have dreams, don't we? But we are just too scared to step out and explore the world. We are all being held back by the harsh reality that are slapping in our faces. Scared of falling flat down on the ground, face first.

Well, it takes sacrifices to do what you like. And I've sure they had sacrificed quite alot of things themselves too, to do what they really like - Filming and Producing, and made Wong Fu Production to such a success.

So I urge you all, chase that dream of yours! Never give up on what you like doing, even if it means sacrificing something more than the other. It will all be worth it. Cause you'll definitely strive better in doing something you like, rather than being stuck in that boring old cubicle of yours, doing the routines like every other ordinary days.

So I hereby wish Wong Fu Production a good year ahead, and of course, and THANK YOU for the many many videos that have got me entertained!

12/27/2010 @ 12:08 PM
Once again, another wonderful year have passed. Its time for the a self reflection on myself for this year.

Ord-ed. Got myself a driving liscence. Got myself a job. Yes, those are my only achievements for this year. Not much, I would say. But its still one step into the society. The journey's only starting now.

On the brighter side, I for one, see myself grow. I'm actually starting to care for my future, wanting to strive for the better in whichever path I've decided for myself. Care for the people around me, even if they've chosen to abandon this bond that we've created, after so many years of friendship.

Definitely, there are always ups and downs in life. Who could predict? Its all predestined.
People getting slashed, people doing stupid things because of stupid stuffs, and get themselves into trouble.
People losing their lives because of unresponsible individuals that does not take their jobs seriously.
Great figures that cannot settle down and think thoroughly what's the real problem, and keep doing little stuffs that annoys the other, which might then lead to greater misfortune.

Like I said, its all predestined.


A whole new start of another year, a whole new list of resolutions to make for the year.

So first of all, is to live life to the fullest! Its obvious. Everyone knows that we only live once in our lifetime. And its not like we're gonna stay alive for the next 5o0 years or so. We only stay alive till at most, 80? 90? And we start being lethargic at the age of 50 or 60? So, that's only around half a century where you can really make use of your ability to do what ever you would like to do, before you really gets old and can't do anything but lie forever in bed waiting for people to serve you. So don't be afraid to try everything, it's for the experience. You only live life once!
PS: I've always regret when i think back on my past, I've restricted myself too much when I am suppose to be full of life jumping around, creating trouble for my teachers, doing what a mischevious boy would have done. But I'm always so low profile. Missed out quite alot there.

Resolution number 2, to get out of debts. I've been into debting others recently. Always using future money. This have to stop! Future money is bad for health. Its like keeping a credit card, and you wouldn't know if you've exceeded the amount, or wouldn't know if you'll afford to filling back the money. What if I'm jobless??!! That's even worst. So, stick to what i have, spend 20% of it and save the rest of it. Insurance's a killer if you are not aware.

#3 will go to keeping fit. Of course, I've always mentioned to most of my friends that i want to go run or swim at least once a week, so as to relax all of my muscles from sitting all day in the office working. But that's always saying only. I do it for a period of time, and I'll eventually slack off. So for the coming year, I'll keep to it. I'll definitely exercise at least once per week. Who wouldn't want a sexy body, and look good in everything we wear.

#4, to fall in love. I would like to fall in love again. Every couple would always be envious with their single friends, and the singles will always be envious of their coupled friend. I'm not getting young. That's a fact. I missed the great times when I was in a relationship. That's a fact too. I don't care, when people say I'm gonna get trouble with the girl, gonna get tied up by the girlfriend and what not. I want to be in a relationship. I want someone to love and care for me. I want to cuddle into someone. I want to spend valentine again with someone I like/love. My sister's getting married soon (Not that i want to get married). You guys should know, being single sucks! Screw all those people that are living happily in their lovey dovey relationship! *Sticks middle finger*, *With both hands* HA!

Okay, so for #5, learn chinese songs to sing during K-sessions. What to do when most of my friends are chinese speaking. And they say we singaporeans suck at english songs, because we do not have the english slang. All the slang we have are singlish slangs with the la and los in every sentence we make. But honestly, chinese songs sounds are way too boring. I don't listen to chinese songs. They make me sleep. They give me the blues. Oooh the heck, I'm just gonna continue singing english songs, and stick to the very few classic chinese songs that I know of.

#6. Be more spontaneous and flexible. I'm working on it, ever since army. Everything's so impromptu. I've to work on this to be able to achieve #1 resolution. Finding excuse not to do things is nt the way to go boy! Someone please kick me in the butt next time I'm being non-spontaneous and flexible.

#7. Actually working on my wishlist, rather than adding more to it. Every year without fail, I would make a wishlist for santa. Knowingly that Santa would not take his time off to travel all the way from the North pole to some ulu bukit merah and drop off some gifts for me. (Not that I believe in santa anyway.) Who came out with the idea that Santa goes around the world giving presents anyway. You have to work for it to achieve what you want. There's no free lunch in this world. We all know that. So, instead of sitting around with my big sorry ass waiting for miracles to happen, I'd better start working on the things I would like to achieve.

Okay, So i hope 7 resolutions is not too much for the next 365 days. Its only 7, its not even 10. Nothing an old man like me cannot achieve right!

I've created my list. How about you guys? Definitely there's something somewhere you guys would like to see improvements in. I'm joining a Dance class at oschool next year. That's a big step for me.

What are you gonna do?

12/15/2010 @ 9:22 PM
Xmas 2010
Had been especially busy at this time this year, that i almost forgot about my Christmas list~!
It's a good thing i got bored of everything happened upon Shan's entry on her wishlist.

So here goes:

Dear Mr Santa,

Here's a list of my good deeds for your reference, if your chief elf have missed me out on your list of good kids :

  1. I believed I've been a well-mannered gentlemen for the past year.
  2. Have been helping out whoever that requires my help.
  3. Have been there for my friends when they needed somebody.
  4. Have improved on my span of generousity.
  5. Have treasured people around me a little more.
  6. Have even wanted to start a tradition in my family to getting presents to each and everyone of my family members, including my future bro-in-laws (but decided not to do so as I'm running out of money).
  7. Have started earning money for meself.
  8. Have decided to give my all when my school starts next year. (And of course, I'll make myself to hold on to that determintation).
  9. And although I've acted like a Jerk on a few occassions, I'd believe my overall good deeds will overwrite all that of me bad behaviours.
So given all the good deeds and stuff that I've earned myself, I believe I deserves something good in return. :)

And of course, I won't be greedy. I'll not ask for more than what I deserve. So Santa, here's my easy-to-fulfill-wishlist-for-a-Santa wishlist.
  1. All my friends will be able to stay friends with me forever.
  2. My family to live healthily and happily, which includes a rise in income or what not to the family
  3. For my face complexion to heal up to be better than before.
  4. An addition to wishlist #3, for myself to have the best-est complexion one's ever had after all this mayhem I'm currently going under.
  5. Get a high-pay part time job for the next 6 months before the start of my studies next year.
  6. Price for Canon EOS drop dramatically, so that i can afford one, and yet, not dry up my bank account.
  7. Price for air-ticket to Austraila drop dramatically as well, so that trip to Aust with Tiong will be a breeze.
  8. To be able to bring my trumpet playing skills to a whole new level. Maybe a Jazz band or something. Why not?
So whacha think sir? Simple aae? Comparing to what's of Shan's. And I believe this list isn't something a great man like you are not capable of. I'll definitely be looking forward to all my wish Mr Santa.

Thank you, and see you next year~! Through my letter to you :)

Hope that amount of stamp can get my letter all the way across the globe to you Santa! They are all I have left!!

11/21/2010 @ 3:33 PM
It all seemed so coincidental that all our initials are the same.

Namely, Jun Hao_Jun Han_Yishi_Sin Yee_Shi Yuan

Dearest P came back from Taiwan, bought zeng-ed ribbon braclet for A, but apparently it came off and got lost somewhere just one week later. Its a pity, it looked pretty on her.

And due to the fact Jhan wasn't able to meet up for the chillax session with us, we meet up the on the following Tuesday, Haji-eve for the 8 colour XLB that we've been wanting to try. I would say it was just okay. Not as amazing as I initially thought it would be.

But whatever it is, its the company I hang out with. Its great to have them.

PS: Hey A, think I'll snap group photos next time, its really wierd posting photos one by one, without a group photo.


11/03/2010 @ 8:57 PM
Never thought i would do this, but here goes.

With thanks to Shan, Joanna and i were invited to a free showcase by JYJ, one of the many Korean Pop groups that are competing against one another in the showbiz today. Never would I expect myself going to such kind of live concerts, having to bear all the crazy screeching screams coming from their all-so-crazy-fans-over-the-world. Or, all over asia, at least. Let alone attending a concert that I don't even understand.

But since its FOC, why not. Kudos to free stuffs! Why not take this once in a life time chance to experience what something that i would definitely not pay for.

That was what I thought, before the concert actually started.

So as soon as they came into stage, people just started screaming like there's no tomorrow. I almost went deaf. She on the other hand, refrained herself from being like the rest, which i would say, was quite expected from her. Since she doesn't really go to that direction of craziness.
I must say, she's pretty excited bout seeing her JaeJoong also. It was a erm, not that bad of an experience for a first timer. At least I know this is how it feels like to be in a rock/pop concert.
PS: Notice anything different? :)

10/10/2010 @ 8:05 PM
Not a very special day, its just a combiation of number that forms a date on the 10th of October of the year 2010. That's it. Regardless, people think its a auspicious date.

Let's say,

"Ooh, we should get married", or

"Ooh, I should put my driving date on today. I will pass!!", or

"Ooh, I've done 10 good deeds today because its 10.10.10 today!", or

"Ooh, I'll only do 10 things today, since its 10.10.10!",

well you know what I'm trying to get to.

So I however, take this day as any other normal day, do my own things, visit some friends, drive some car. Ooo, If you haven't heard the news, I've got my liscence!

So with my new liscense, I somehow became the chauffer of the day. I don't deny, driving is fun. I won't mind driving around all day. Visited our friend here,

Brought him over to Colbar for lunch/Chillax session. Food was awesome as usual, just abit overpriced, for the amount of portion they served up.

Chillax-ness : 9/10
Stomach filling-ness : 5/10
Location : 5/10. Its only convenient if you've got a car.

Really have to thank Edmund for trusting me with his car. If not i would not have the chance to drive and familiarize myself with the road. And on the other hand of course, he can finally sit in the passenger's seat, and enjoy his erm, view from the passenger's seat. :)